Forged 3 Piece Concave Wheels Explained

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Forged 3 piece concave wheels are very similar in construction to regular three piece wheels. Both types are made up of three parts: the inner barrel (inner hoop), outer barrel (outer hoop or lip), and the face (center). Concave forgings however, use a different raw forging profile that is deeper than a traditional flat profile forging. All three pieces are manufactured using same forging process to create a high-strength and lightweight structure that is devoid of any microscopic cracks or imperfections.

One of the main differences between a concave wheel and a forged 3 piece wheel is the design of the face. The term “concave” refers to the design of the face. In a concave wheel, the face has a three-dimensional style that provides the impression of depth, often giving the car they are fitted to a more muscular and athletic appearance. The shape of the face starts out close to the inside of the wheel at the hub, and then expands outwards as the spokes reach the end of the wheel to create depth.

Concave wheels do use a similar construction of traditional 3 piece forged wheels. The inner and outer barrels are sealed together with a Silicone RTV, while the concave face is fastened to the barrels using a number of perimeter bolts. Due to their 3 piece construction, many offsets and widths are available to create the perfect fitment. It is uncommon for concave wheels to have a traditional lip because of face’s depth. The spokes extend all the way to the end of the outer barrel from the center, which is closer to the inside of the wheel, lending to a three-dimensional appearance.

Concave wheels offer a unique appearance compared to other wheel types. Their forged three-piece construction allows for a number of different widths, sizes, and offsets to create the optimum fitment with the strength and weight benefits of the forged manufacturing process.

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